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  • Heritage

    The Heritage Collection is a tribute to the pioneering spirit that has inspired Longines ever since its founding years. The current models have modern materials but has famous vintage models as inspiration, where these have accompanied pioneers on their adventures on land, in the air and on the sea and which have given Longines a unique place in the watchworld.

  • Conquest

    Longines Conquest watches are characterized by sporty elegance combined with high technical requirements. This large collection includes the collection Longines Conquest where the ultimate sport watch is at the center and where all the watches have a crown that is completely recognizable and unique to Longines as well as the collection Longines Conquest Classic which has a softer design. Conquest Classic is still a sports watch, but it is also modern and timeless. Discover our range of Longines Conquest and Longines Conquest Classic here!

  • HydroConquest

    Longines HydroConquest is a diving watch for men and women that are looking for an elegant yet advanced sporty watch. It comes in many different designs, colors and sizes ranging from 29.5 mm up to 47.5 mm. A novelty 2019 is that some models also have a ceramic diving bezel. Discover our wide range of Longines Hydroconquest models here!

  • The Longines Master

    The Longines Master 

    The Longines Master Collection brings together the classical elegance and excellent quality which never cease to delight those who appreciate exceptional watches. All watches are fitted with self-winding movements, the various models in this collection offer many special features.

  • Record

    Longines Record Collection is one of Longines newest collections that was launched when Longines celebrated 185 years. These automatic watches have the finest watches produced by Longines which are chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute). The design is characterized by classic elegance with a perfect execution.

  • La Grande Classique

    Longines La grande classique is the collection that is most faithful to Longine's historic models and designs. The thin profile creates a timeless watch that will always contain Longine's original design language.

  • Elegant

    Longines launching the Elegant Collection, which comprises watches that are the perfect embodiment of the classical design and sleek lines typical of Longines timepieces. Available in three sizes and fitted with automatic, mechanical movements, these watches offer a broad choice of dials, each presenting its own definition of elegance.

  • DolceVita

    Since its inception, the Longines DolceVita watches have illustrated contemporary elegance of the Longines watchmaking brand worldwide. Inspired by the "Dolce Vita", it is an homage to the sweetness of life.

  • Primaluna

    Longines Primaluna is a collection of women's watches that is a tribute to our moon. The inspiration from the moon has created a soft silhouette and a pure dial that gives the collection a modern and sophisticated design.

  • Les Grandes Classiques...

    Les Grandes Classiques de Longines embodies the oldest aesthetic tradition of the brand. The ultra-slim profile of the specially designed case lends this collection a timeless beauty.

  • Equestrian

    Longines Equestrian ladies watches are a collection that celebrates the equestrian sport and is inspired by both classic forms but also modern elements that are taken from the equestrian world. The collection consists of a number of different designs on the watches, from innovative soft shapes and round cases to classic pocket watches. Discover our range of Longines Equestrian here!

  • Evidenza

    Longines Evidenza is a special collection of men's watches and women´s watches that find their inspiration from the 1920´s when many great changes took place around the world. Previously rigid rules and approaches within design began to face increasing resistance and from this came new design influences, not least within the watch world. The Evidenza collection has its origins partly from a model from 1925 but the tonneau form of the case comes from 1911.

  • Longines - Saint Imier
  • Lyre

    Longines Lyre is a collection of men's watches and women´s watches with soft and original lines inspired by the instrument lyre. The shapes of the cases have a unique design that is also timeless. Discover our range of Longines Lyre here.

  • Flagship

    Longines Flagship is a collection that has been around since 1957 and has had a great variety over the years. All models are characterized by a slightly larger case and a timeless design that will never go out of time. Discover our range of Longines Flagship here.

  • Présance

    Longines Présance is one of Longine's most classic collections with both men's watches and women´s watches that have a timeless and understated design language.

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