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  • Baroncelli

    Design of Mido Baroncelli watches is inspired by the remarkable architecture of Rennes Opera House, which is synonymous with the mark of true design, just like the Baroncelli collection

  • Multifort

    Mido Multifort watches were launched in 1934, two years after the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge. A true feat of engineering prowess, Sydney Harbour Bridge perfectly embodies the era of the 1930s industrial revolution. The Multifort is a splendid evocation of the architecture of this symbolic edifice.

  • Commander

    Mido Commander watches, first created in 1959, are a perfect embodiment of the spirit imparted by Mido. A hymn to iron, the curves and oblique lines of the Eiffel Tower exert a genuine fascination. Both symbol and monument, it stands out by its technical and architectural perfection. Evolving with the times it has forged a powerful identity over the decades, just like the Commander, which beautifully evokes this bold and legendary construction.

  • Belluna

    Mido Belluna watches are inspired by the avant-garde architecture of the Chrysler Building, the most famous of New York skyscrapers. Design of the Belluna captures remarkable features of this jewel of Art Deco architecture

  • Ocean Star

    Mido Ocean Start diver watches have a lot to offer - sporty design, robust quality, low price and high value.

    Watches are water resistent to 200 m, and have movement with 80 hours power reserv, and fuctions as day & date.

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