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Omega book - The Master of Omega

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Author: Alberto Isnardi

language: English and Italian

Amount of pages: 367

Size: 25 x 32 cm

Delivery: 1-5 days

The best book about Omega watches.
The Master of Omega is focused on Omega Speedmaster, Flighmaster and Speedsonic.

All watches are illustrated in a large format with technical details, bracelet references and all quotations of the Master of Omega.

This book is a safe guide to collect and invest in Omega Speedmaster, Flightmaster and Speedsonic.

This book tells history and characteristics runs of the Omega Speedmaster, Flightmaster and Speedsonic and enables the enthusiast to know historical models, as well as to be updated about anything new.

The Speedmaster was the watch chosen to accompany man in this project that would alter the course of history. In 1969, it was nicknamed the “Moon Watch”.

The Flightmasters were designed and made for airline pilots, as revealed by its features, including a hand showing the time zone.
With its chronograph certification, the Speedsonic was the most precise watch of its time.

This book offers a complete view of these three models and, to make its consultation easier, is in chronological order by production years for the Speedmaster models and has two separate chapters for Speedsonic and Flightmaster.

Among the models described and illustrated you will find:

– Speedmaster Pre-Professional

– Speedmaster Professional

– Speedmaster Fondello Pre Luna

– Speedmaster Automatic

– Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz

– Speedmaster Professional Quartz

– Speedmaster X Anniversary

– Speedmaster Quartz placcato

– Speedmaster Moon Phases

– Speedmaster Reduced

– Speedmaster Classic Perpetual 50 examples

– Speedmaster Collezione Valigetta Missions 40 examples

– Speedmaster Professional X – 33

– Speedmaster Profesional Glaxy Train

– Speedmaster Ratrappante

– Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow

– Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow “Squelette”

– Speedmaster Classic M. Schumacher

– Speedmaster Professional Broad Arrow Olympic Game

– Speedmaster Professional from the Moon to Mars

– Sppedsonic Lobster

– Flighmaster

Together with the book, a useful insert is found which includes:

UPDATED ESTIMATES OF OMEGA WATCHES with the prices of every modern and vintage Omega Speedmaster, Flighmaster and Speedsonic.

USEFUL ADDRESSES FOR THE COLLECTOR with the best contact to buy, sell and exchange Modern and Vintage Omega.


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