Rolex watches carry the royal crown for a good reason. Rolex stands for reliability, whether high above the clouds or miles under the sea. A Rolex represents watchmaking expertise and the highest quality, as well as sportiness and elegance, precision, passion and outstanding and durable value. Naturally we have no desire to change these qualities. Blaken's vision in fact involves bestowing something personal and unique upon a Rolex.

Blaken Watches are created using two multiple-patented hi-tech procedures and are coated in diamond-like carbon. These processes take more than 16 days to reach a stage where they meet our stringent demands for toughness and finish. Both processes are extremely expensive and complex and at the present time are only possible in Germany. From a high-shine polished deep black to a satin anthracite, there are a range of colours available that match their equivalents and what they stand for in the automotive and fashion industries.

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