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Sjöö Sandström is today one of the few independent watch manufacturers in the world and one of the most coveted brands. Adhering to small-scale manufacturing and combining tradition, innovation and design, we honor the Swedish heritage of skilled watchmaking. Each Sjöö Sandström model is produced in exclusive series and every timepiece is meticulously tested before release.


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    • Royal Steel Classic

      Royal Steel Classic

      Offering a timeless expression with a Swedish twist of elegance, Royal Steel Classic constitutes the very essence and foundation of Sjöö Sandström. The Automatic S1 was the first watch the brand made and the first wristwatch ever to be designed and manufactured in Sweden, premiering in 1993 with a white dial and black bracelet. The three rings on the outer rim of the case provide both a smooth surface that eliminates scratching against the shirtsleeve and a representation of the brand's place in the universe – Stockholm/Sweden/the World. This collection also includes our first ladies’ model.

    • Royal Steel Worldtimer

      Royal Steel Worldtimer is the natural choice for the selective globetrotter who aims to travel in style. Featuring a secondary hour hand, this striking timepiece allows you to easily juggle two time zones when you are on the fly. In addition, being a member of the Royal Steel family, the Worldtimer enjoys a timeless and sober design true to its Swedish heritage. And of course it also comes with the crown at 2 o’clock for optimal wrist comfort. A perfect travel partner for anyone who wants to embrace the world with class.

    • Royal Steel Chronograph

      Royal Steel Chronograph is an all-round model that offers a discrete but distinct presence in almost any environment. Featuring timing, it serves as an elegant companion for dynamic people leading an active lifestyle. Choose among several unique dials and bracelets to create your very own Royal Steel Chronograph. Or to make it change in harmony with the seasons of your life. This collection is available with men's and women's chronograph watches.

    • UTC Extreme

      Versatile and suitable for all kinds of conditions, UTC Extreme is the obvious choice for both mountaineers and inner-city adventurers.

    • UTC Skydiver

      Handcrafted for and in collaboration with Swedish fighter pilots, UTC Skydiver is designed and manufactured to meet strict military demands. The high-flying watch incorporates a combination of an analogue and digital movement. The analogue shows the local time while the digital displays local time plus an additional time zone of your choice. Other features include backlight, alarm, perpetual calendar, second time zone, timer and chronograph. Tested and preferred by professional fighter pilots.

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