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  • Longines Heritage

    The Heritage Collection är en hyllning till den pionjäranda som har inspirerat Longines' designers alltsedan företagets tidiga dagar. Många klockor har följt med pionjärer på deras äventyr i luften, på land och i havet och gett Longines en unik kunskapsbank.

  • Longines Conquest

    Longines Conquest klockor kännetecknas av sportig elegans i kombination med höga tekniska krav och sober design. Boettring, boett och krona har en unik och igenkännbar Longines Conquest design!

  • HydroConquest

    Det välkända schweiziska klockmärket Longines, grundat 1832, har en lång tradition av klocktillverkning som kännetecknas av elegans och tillförlitlighet. I Longines Sport Collection finner Du HydroConquest dykarklockor som passar både män och kvinnor, vilka söker en avancerad klocka men också ställer krav på hög teknisk utveckling och elegans.

  • The Longines Master

    The Longines Master 

    The Longines Master Collection brings together the classical elegance and excellent quality which never cease to delight those who appreciate exceptional watches. All watches are fitted with self-winding movements, the various models in this collection offer many special features.

  • Longines Record

    While celebrating its 185th anniversary, Longines is taking the opportunity to present its new Record collection. In the Saint-Imier company’s purest watchmaking tradition, these automatic models combine classic elegance and excellence, aspiring to become the spearheads of the brand. With Record collection Longines is certified as a “chronometer” by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), a designation awarded to all of the pieces in the Record collection.

  • La Grande Classique de...

    La Grande Classique de Longines embodies the oldest aesthetic tradition of the brand known the world over for its winged hourglass logo. The slim profile of the specially designed case lends this collection a timeless beauty. Maintaining all the characteristics of the original creations, the models in this line grace the wrists of those who appreciate reliability.

  • Longines Elegant...

    Longines launching the Elegant Collection, which comprises watches that are the perfect embodiment of the classical design and sleek lines typical of Longines timepieces. Available in three sizes and fitted with automatic, mechanical movements, these watches offer a broad choice of dials, each presenting its own definition of elegance.

  • Longines DolceVita

    A Shining Example of Contemporary Elegance

    DolceVita kollektionen från Longines kombinerar de tunna eleganta linjerna från 1930-talet med den glamourösa stilen från 1950-talet. 
    Resultatet har blivit en elegant, tidlös klocka som Longines döpt till DolceVita – det ljuva livet.

  • Longines Primaluna

    Graceful, magical, Longines Primaluna is a watch that will seduce women who appreciate contemporary, sophisticated elegance.

  • Les Grandes Classiques...

    Les Grandes Classiques de Longines embodies the oldest aesthetic tradition of the brand. The ultra-slim profile of the specially designed case lends this collection a timeless beauty.

  • Longines Equestrian

    True to the mixture of tradition and innovation specific to Longines, equestrian women's watches are inspired both by old pieces and by resolutely modern elements typical of the equestrian world.

  • Longines Evidenza

    Who could forget the 1920s? It was a time of rapid change throughout the world, starting with important progress in many areas, as well as an incredible degree of freedom for artists, and of course stylists too. Fashion and design threw off rigid, centuries-old rules while personal accessories of every description grew increasingly handy, compact and stylish. The ladies’ and men’s watches of the Longines evidenza collection draw their inspiration from that broad shift in habits and styles. While a 1925 model inspired the specific design of Longines evidenza, its tonneau shape goes back to a Longines model dating from 1911.

  • Longines - Saint Imier

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